Our Out-grower operations are premise on a unique model that is arguably the only of a kind in Uganda. The model is such that all our sugarcane farmers are registered with us individually through a Cane Production Contract (C.P.C) before commencement of their operations. Prior to the contract, any given farmer’s yet-to-be sugar cane field is inspected by our surveyors for viability.

Additionally, the model also entails our commitment to continuously support our sugarcane farmers as a corporate sustainability strategy to not only boost their productivity but also enhance their efficiency synergies which subsequently enables holistic social-economic transformation of the entire farming community. This is through aspects such as:

1) Land survey, bush clearing and land tillage: This is done at the inception point when a farmer expresses interest to grow cane under our cane contract farming model.
2) Supply of clean seed material: This ensures that the sugarcane cultivated by the out-growers is of the right species whose sucrose quality is as per the required standard.
3) Agricultural inputs like Bio products (fertilizers & pesticides), Pest control agents, Chemical Fertilizers and herbicides: These are a boost to the out-growers’ sugarcane yield which result into better revenue given that high yields are the blue-print to success in sugarcane growing.
4) Farm equipment like tractors and implements: Are extended to the out-growers at subsidized loans to improve efficiency, scale of operation and boost their production. So far 53 tractors have been given out to eligible farmers.
5) Best in class agronomy advisory: This is benchmarked against the world’s best standards and extended to the farmers through our robust periodic farmer out-reach program free-of-charge.

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6) Firefighting and prevention in the dry season: It is collaboratively done with the local leadership and the security agencies.
7) Centrally managed Cane harvesting and transportation services: The service providers are managed under a centralized system to not only prevent exploitation in terms of cost but also improve turnaround time , the scale of transportation and harvesting of the out-growers’ sugarcane. The services are offered on loan basis which means that farmers do not incur any cash expenditure for harvesting and transportation.
8) Road Construction and maintenance: Done on both major and feeder roads in the farming community as a measure to boost our out-growers’ economic activity.

9) Medical Outreach programmes: Includes public health sensitization, immunization, maternal health, ambulance services among others intended to continuously enhance our out-growers’ health and well-being.
10) Food security: The programme ensures that farmers preserve part of their land to grow food crops as a measure of ensuring their nutrition.
11) Financial literacy: Farmers are periodically skilled on how to manage their finances in a bid to grow their commercial agriculture operations and as well as venture into economic diversification.
Currently, we have 6, 900 Out-grower farmers covering 28,000 hectares in a span of over 140 villages.  

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