Production Process

Planting and Harvesting

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After land preparation, seed cane is planted and weeding done at least 3 to 4 times depending on the frequency of the rain in between 2-7 months. Fertilizers are applied 2 to 3 times depending on whether it is plant or ratoon crop. The harvesting cycle starts from the initial plant crop also known as new crop, then there after subsequent harvests can be done up to 5 times without necessarily ploughing the ground. They are referred to as Ratoon 1, 2, 3 through to 5. Plant crop is harvested at 18 months whereas Ratoon crop is harvested at 16 months


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Heavily grooved crusher rollers break the cane and extract a large part of the juice. During the same stage, the juice from the cane is separated from the fiber (baggasse). The extracted juice, called vesou, contains 95 percent or more of the sucrose present.

Purification of juice

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Calcium hydroxide, also known limewater, is added to the cane juice to adjust its pH to 7. The lime is a clarifying agent that helps to prevent sucrose's decay into glucose and fructose. The juice then undergoes a heating process above boiling point which precipitates impurities that get held up in the calcium carbonate crystals. The precipitate solids (mud) are separated from the Juice in the clarification tank through sedimentation.


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In order to concentrate the clarified juice, it goes through a multiple-effect evaporation process to make syrup which is about 50 percent sucrose by weight.


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Crystallization takes place in a single-stage vacuum pan. The syrup is evaporated until saturated with sugar. As soon as the saturation point has been exceeded, small grains of sugar are added to the pan. These serve as nuclei for the formation of sugar crystals. Additional syrup is added to the strike and evaporated so that the original crystals that were formed are allowed to grow in size.
The growth of the crystals continues until the pan is full. When sucrose concentration reaches the desired level, the dense mixture of syrup and sugar crystals, called massecuite, is discharged into large containers known as crystallizers. Crystallization continues in the crystallizers as the massecuite is slowly stirred and cooled. Massecuite from the mixers is allowed to flow into centrifugals, where the thick syrup, or molasses, is separated from the raw sugar by centrifugal force.

Granulation and Packaging

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The centrifugured sugar is then sent to a granulator for drying after which it is packaged and ready for distribution

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