Forestation and Conservation

We are a green company that prides in a tenacious commitment to conserving the environment in its natural form, promoting restoration of degraded areas and planting trees where they never existed.

This practice is part of our organisational culture and promoted at all times through our various programs. We have so far planted over 400,000 trees of various species covering a total area of 309 hectares plus conservation of 2000 hectares of forests and wetlands.

We currently have reserved an additional 500 hectares for tree planting going forward as a boost to our tree planting program.

Most recently, in pursuit of the same, we had a partnership, the KIIHA Water Catchment Restoration partnership; with the Ministry of Water and Environment, GIZ and Ecotrust.

Through this partnership several wetlands were restored. The restoration entailed tree planting, gap filling, maintenance and guarding of the wetlands to protect them from destruction by potential encroachers.It is key to note that indigenous species were used for the wetland restoration process.

Our estate road reserves have also been planted with trees as part of the tree planting program. This is a continuous activity and so far approximately 70 kilometers of road reverses have been planted with indigenous tree species.

We also do monitor and control greenhouse gases.

Kinyara Sugar

The restored wetlands are:
1. Kihura Wetlands
2. Kyabagenyi
3. Musoma
4. Kiryatete
5. Kisagura
6. Bulyango
7. Terera wetland is currently undergoing restorations

The roads planted with trees are:
a) Kingo- Wara highway.
b) Ndeke-Musoma
c) Kingo - Wara roundabout up to Kabango
d) Kyabagenyi-Bulyango
e) Kihura-Kitonozi roundabout ( airstrip road)
f) Musoma roundabout -Bwijanga


Kinyara Sugar Limited’s corporate social responsibility programs are designed and executed in regular liaison with the community and key stakeholders for relevance and sustainability. UGX 3.5 billion is spent annually on CSR.

Waste Management

Because we value the environment and understand the ramifications that could arise from pollution, all liquid waste material from our factory undergoes a though filtration process to ensure that it is safe for the environment upon release. The filtration process is a state of the art internationally standardized effluent treatment plant that was constructed at a cost of USD 350,000.

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Kinyara Sugar Limited is one of the largest and most community centered sugar manufacturers in Uganda with a rich localised heritage that goes back over 50 years.

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