We do recognize the health needs of our farming community and henceforth continue to offer free and highly subsidized medical services. This is through our well-staffed and equipped health center III medical clinic. With support from the government of Uganda, free Immunization is done Monday to Friday; free Hepatitis B vaccine administered every weekend Saturday and Sunday 7am-5pm where as the HPV vaccine is administered to individuals through a community outreach program for schools among other health solution.
Annually, our health facility handles an average of 27,230 patients, immunizations of 5,397 children and 418 deliveries. 


Because of the value that we attach to education which is a fundamental success factor and foundation to the socio-economic transformation of our community and country as a whole, we support an internal school system of nursery, primary and secondary schools that compete on the Uganda National Examinations Board curriculum.
Annually, we do extend UGX 54 million to a number of schools in the cane growing villages under our KAPSA() program as a supplementary contribution to the teaching staff salaries and school operational costs as a continued effort of promoting education
We also run a subsidized City Guilds program for vocational course training and skills development. 


Our continued maintenance of roads in Masindi District is premised on the fact that they play a pertinent role in the social–economic excellence of the community. Approximately UGX 800million is dedicated annually facilitating the maintenance of about 2,000 kilometers of access roads.


KSL also promotes and supports the schools’ sports programs as well as providing ground maintenance support.
We do have teams of a varied number of disciplines that comprise of staff and the community as a testimony to sports promotion initiative i.e. football, golf, basketball, cricket to name but a few. 

Community Services

We undertake water testing, water catchment maintenance and access as well as Tsetse fly eradication and malaria prevention programs like distribution of mosquito nets to the community with emphasis given to pregnant women.

Food Security

Through sensitization and cane information newsletters, KSL educates the farmers about best in-class agronomy practices like inter-row cultivation of food crops on their fields.


We continue to sponsor and donate to pertinent causes as a means of boosting socio-economic transformation pertinent causes in the community and country atlarge.

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Kinyara Sugar Limited is one of the largest and most community centered sugar manufacturers in Uganda with a rich localised heritage that goes back over 50 years.

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